• Customization, Feature development and additions
  • Chain of Trust, Multi OS booting
  • Built in self test, firmware updates
  • Eg: u-boot, red boot, UEFI


  • Firmware development for 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers
  • Firmware interface with kernel
  • Diagnostics

Linux Kernel and Device drivers

  • Architectural dependent support
  • Boot time optimization
  • Device Drivers (kernel and user space)
  • I2C, SPI, UART, USB, Framebuffer, GPU, Display, Touch screen,
    Sensors, Camera, Network, wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, zigbee)


  • Port Linux and Drivers onto different architectures viz. ARM, MIPS, x86, PPC
  • Porting of frameworks viz. DirectFB, GTK, QT etc
  • Networking stack
  • Third party frameworks, libraries based on product requirement with appropriate license mechanism

Mainlining and Open Source

  • We help and support mainlining Linux kernel and Bootloader source into open source community

Software services and Testing

  • Custom application/software development
  • We provide test suites and plans
  • Perform unit, integration, functional, stress, and regression testing with appropriate test strategy for product quality.


  • Design, Development and support for Audio, Video and Graphics open source and custom frameworks
  • GStreamer
  • DirectFB
  • OpenGL/ES
  • GTK
  • QT
  • X11

Enterprise Application development
Web Application and Services development

Root file system for Embedded devices

  • Customization
    • Customize root file system according to product requirements from rolling releases of leading Linux distributors (Eg: Ubuntu, ArchLinux etc)
  • Proprietary
    • Create a proprietary root file system from package sources optimized for product requirements
  • Maintenance and support
    • Maintain and support customized/proprietary root file system for the products with regular automated updates